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Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer (CRC) is one of the most common cancers globally, with more than 1.4 million new cancer cases diagnosed every year.

It is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in females and the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in males.

Mortality (death rate) is slightly higher in the less developed countries with inadequate health infrastructure and limited resources.

However, factors like early detection and improved treatment, including advanced options for colon cancer treatment in Mumbai, can greatly contribute to a better cancer prognosis.

What is Colon Cancer?

Before we get to colon cancer, first it’s better to understand the anatomy or structure. Your abdominal cavity is composed of a long, tubular digestive tract. The large intestine forms the second part of this tube. It comprises the colon (4 feet to 6 feet) and the rectum (4 inches to 6 inches long).
Colon cancers develop from polyps (tumours) in glandular tissue of the intestinal lining. Not all polyps develop into cancer. However, the size of the polyp is linked with the development of cancer.
Polyps less than 1 cm in size have less than a 1% chance of becoming cancer, but those that are 2 cm or more have almost a 40% chance of transforming into cancer.
Overall, if you have a polyp in the colon, the risk of cancer is about 5%.

Signs and Symptoms of colon cancer

Colon cancer may not have symptoms in its early stages. However, symptoms may appear as the tumour starts growing and spreading. Symptoms of colon cancer can include:
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Cramping in your tummy
  • Change in stool frequency and/or Consistency
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Blood in stool
  • Black stools
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pelvic pain
  • Anaemia (reduced number of red blood cells) due to bleeding in your intestines
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If You Notice Any of The Symptoms

You must visit a Colon Cancer Suergons in Mumbai Dr. Praveen Kammar, at the earliest. The fastest assessment and subsequent treatment.

Causes of Colon Cancer

The exact cause of colon cancer is still unknown, but certain factors contribute to the development of cancer.

Polyps :

These are the growths that can develop on the inner wall of the colon or rectum. One type of polyp, known as adenoma, makes colon cancer more likely.

Other Diseases

Colon cancer is associated with certain diseases like colon polyps or inflammatory diseases of the colon such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, and cancers of the pancreas, breast, ovaries, or uterus.

Heredity :

A family history of colon cancer is a considerable risk factor for colon cancer development. Hereditary medical conditions include familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), HNPCC ( Lynch Syndrome), MYH-associated polyposis (MAP), Gardner’s syndrome, Turcot’s syndrome, Peutz-Jagher’s syndrome, juvenile polyposis, and Cowden’s disease are associated with increased risk of colon cancers.

Chemical Exposure :

Exposure to certain chemicals, like chlorine in drinking water, can increase the risk of colon cancer. Lifestyle. Alcohol intake of more than 2 drinks per day and smoking increases the risk of developing colon cancer. You might need to know : Stage 1 colon cancer symptoms

Diagnosis of colon cancer

Colon cancer diagnosis in mumbai

Early detection of colon cancer is crucial for its cure and helps to prevent its spread. Here are some diagnostic tests that your doctor can recommend to confirm cancer:

1. Stool-based tests :

  • Guaiac fecal occult blood test
  • Fecal immunochemical test (FIT)

2. Direct visualization tests :

  • Colonoscopy
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy)

3. Imaging tests :

  • CT scan
  • PET scan

4. For rectal cancer :

  • MRI of pelvis

If you observe any unexplained gastric symptoms lasting for several days, report them to your doctor for further screening.

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Treatments for Colon Cancer in Mumbai

Treatments for colon cancer in mumbai involves therapies to cure or control the disease and maintain a good quality of life. Treatment options may depend on the stage of cancer.

Surgery :

Surgery is the mainstay of curative treatment for localized colon tumours. The surgery aims to remove the affected segment of the large intestine with an adequate margin of normal bowel on either side along with the draining lymph nodes of the region.
The type of surgery to be performed depends on the site of the tumour. For a colonic tumour situated in the right half of the colon (ascending colon, caecum, and hepatic flexure) a right hemicolectomy is needed. Similarly for a left-sided tumour left hemicolectomy or extended right colectomy is needed.

The surgery for rectal cancer is commonly termed anterior resection. For tumours situated in the last 10cm of the rectum, a stoma may be necessary.

The stoma is the procedure where a segment of the bowel is brought to the skin of the tummy, where is it opened and fixed to the skin. After this procedure, the stool is coming out of this opening and gets collected in the bag attached to it.

This stoma can be performed on the small intestine (ileostomy) or large intestine ( colostomy). It can be either a temporary stoma or a permanent stoma. Your doctor may perform the surgery laparoscopically or using a robot (minimally invasive) or by the open method (involves larger cuts).

If you require Surgery, consult colon cancer specialist in mumbai Dr.Praveen Kammar.

Radiation therapy :

For locally advanced rectal cancer, radiation therapy forms an important part of treatment. It is usually given before surgery, along with chemotherapy.

Depending on the tumour characteristics a long course ( 5 weeks) or short course (5 days) of radiation is decided. Radiation therapy is not commonly used for colon cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy :

Chemotherapeutic agents commonly used in colon cancer are 5-fluorouracil, capecitabine (Xeloda), irinotecan (Camptosar), and oxaliplatin (Eloxatin).

Chemotherapy is used after successful surgery to prevent recurrence and prolong survival, in selected patients. It is also used in metastatic stage 4 cancers to control the spread of cancer.

Looking For Colon Cancer Treatment?

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Risk factors of colon cancer

Anyone can get colon cancer but some things that make people more likely to get it are:

Age :

The disease is more prevalent in older people more than 50 years of age. However, the chance of getting colon cancer goes up past the age of 40.

Gender :

Both men and women are equally at risk of developing colon cancer, but men are more prone to rectal cancer.

Health History :

If you have had any type of cancer before, you could get it again. The same is true for colon cancers. People with long-term conditions such as colon inflammation, or Crohn’s disease, are more likely to get colon cancer.

Diet :

A diet that includes more red meat, fat l, and very little fibre or fresh vegetables is strongly linked to colon cancer.

Lifestyle :

If you are overweight or have excessive smoking or drinking habit, you may have a higher chance of colon cancer. Type 2 Diabetes is associated with an increased risk of colon cancer.


With timely screening and advanced care, colon cancers are treatable and show an excellent prognosis. Follow-up exams are crucial to detect the reoccurrence of cancer after treatment. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people live comfortably after colon surgery and colostomy.

FAQs Related To Colon Cancer

Where does colon cancer usually start?
Colon cancer usually starts in the inner linings of the large intestine (colon) or the rectum (end of the colon). However, it can later progress to other parts of the body via lymphatic spread or blood-borne spread.
Should I get a second opinion? Can you recommend someone?
Once your diagnosis is confirmed for colon cancer, it’s better to get a second opinion. This can be done not just to reconfirm the diagnosis and identify the stage of cancer but also to know the best treatment option. Dr. Praveen Kammar is the best surgical oncologist in Mumbai. He is specialized in the treatment of colon cancers and has been practicing in this field for more than 12 years.
What should I do to be ready for treatment?
First of all, you should be mentally prepared for the treatment. It can come with some side effects, so ensure that you are informed about it priorly. Your doctor may advise you of certain lifestyle modifications and some changes in your diet before they begin your treatment. The same should be followed for a few days till you recover. Inform your doctor regarding any medications you take, including over-the-counter drugs. Also, make sure that you have good support from your family or friends as cancer treatments can be depressing.
How will I know if the treatment is working?
Your doctor will do a thorough check-up at the follow-ups both during and after treatment. Routine cancer screenings can also show a decrease in tumour size and spread. Another indication would be watching your symptoms, some of which may improve in the course of treatment and you may also observe the effects of the therapy.
How long will I be in the hospital?
Your stay will be based on your recovery. The faster you recover, the shorter will be your stay. Sometimes your stay may be prolonged if you are not responding to the treatment or if you are experiencing any major side effects. Even after your discharge, you may have to visit the clinic for routine screening to check for any recurrence of cancer.
Are there any limits on what I can do?
Yes, there will be limitations during and after treatment. You will have to strictly follow all the instructions given by your doctor. They might recommend you a change in diet or to reduce your physical activities. Ensure that you take all these precautions to prevent other unwanted health problems.

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