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Dr. Praveen Kammar – Surgical Oncologist

Appointment On Call

+91 – 9372 392 003


    Appointment On Call

    +91 – 9372 392 003


    Dr. Praveen Kammar Consults At Multiple Locations In The City.

    So, You Can Get A Consultation At A Center That Is Convenient And Closer To You.

    Due to surgical commitments, the consultation timings may change unexpectedly.
    So, please call before you start from home!!!!

    OPD Locations and Timings

    Specialty Surgical Oncology Clinic ( SSO Clinic ) ANDHERI

    Location: Get Clinic Direction

    Timing: Tue, Wed, Fri: 6 Pm -9 Pm

    SSO Hospital and Research Centre, Ghatkopar

    Location: Get Hospital Direction

    (Strictly By Appointments Only)

    Surya Hospital, Santacruz

    Location: Get Hospital Direction

    Timing: Tue, Fri : 4-6 pm

    Thunga Hospital, Malad

    Location: Get Hospital Direction

    Timing: Mon, Thu: 4-6 pm

    Borivali Healthcare, Borivali

    Location: Get Hospital Location

    Timing:  Mon, Thu: 6-8 Pm

    SSO Clinic, Charni Road

    Location: Get Hospital Direction

    (Strictly By Appointments Only)

    What Happens In First Consultation?

    • Detailed history of patient’s complaints is taken
    • Thorough examination of the patient is conducted
    • Note is made of all the relevant findings
    • If any investigations are preformed prior to the visit (e.g. blood tests, CT/MRI scans), those are reviewed.
    • A treatment plan is made based on all of the above.
    • Further tests may be advised before a final plan is made.
    • Whenever necessary, medications are prescribed to alleviate the symptoms.
      You can Get the consultation notes and prescriptions on your phone and email

      What Happens In Subsequent Visits?

      • If further tests were advised, they will be reviewed.
      • The final plan of treatment is decided.
      • Necessary advice and guidance is provided.
        You don’t have to worry about getting appointments for tests and scans !!!
        My team is there to help you.

        Online Consultations

        • Please call +91 9372 392 003  for online consultations
        • Online consultation will be arranged on the most convenient platform e.g. whatsapp, zoom, OMIC
        • It’s necessary to share the results of relevant investigations performed with us before the online consultation. This will help in decision making and optimum time utilization.
        • In spite of online consultation,It may be necessary to have a physical consultation before treatment begins.
        Checklist for consultation:
        1. All relevant investigations and reports
        2. CT/ MRI films and CD
        3. Arrange all reports in chronological order
        4. Please remove all the bills and receipts
        5. Confirm your appointment and call before you start
        6. Whenever possible please bring the patient along for evaluation