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Here are some of the patient reviews that make us better every day and keep us motivated.

Deepak Panchal

He’s a very good doctor. And has experience in cancer surgery. I’ve consulted him and he’s done a colon cancer surgery – laparoscopic right colon removal. Would highly recommend Dr Praveen Kammar for surgeries.

Swatibindu A

Dr. Praveen Kammar is a good doctor but above that is a good human being, His careful attitude about patients is appreciated by our own experience. His compassionate surgical work and encouraging words have played a big role through out the year during this covid19 period which helped me to come out of critical health time.

Jyoti Suvarna

“Wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Appreciate Dr. Praveen K, taking time to go over the diagnosis clearly and treatment options. Was referred over by our chemotherapy doctor. Highly recommended!”

Sudhir Nair

“I think Dr Praveen Kammar is one of the best cancer specialist. He comes across as a dedicated professional and an even better human being. Thanks to him that I successfully underwent surgery for mouth cancer. May his tribe increase.”

Deepak Singh

Dr.Praveen Kammar is very professional with great experience. He has eye for detail and take time to go through the reports along with explaining the entire process in detail.His experience was very handy during my mother complex oral surgery. His comprehensive approach to overall treatment really helped my mother to recover from very complex surgery.I would say he is one of the best surgeon based out of Mumbai suburb. Thank you Dr.Praveen

Vivek Mhatre

Hi, I am suffering from colon cancer-C A COLON and my surgery name was laparoscopic right colon removal. surgery was performed by Dr. Praveen kammar. The surgery was great and I am feeling fine. sir provided nice services and is very co-operative. Above all, he is a very humble and good human being. Thank you, sir.

Zeba Farooqui

My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer (metastatic adenocarcinoma) and Dr. Parveen had her surgery done which was a ‘bilateral mastectomy’. He motivated us and mom as well that she still can be cured and have a long life ahead. I’d honestly suggest y’all go ahead with him without any doubt. He is a professional and knows what he does. He takes his time to understand all of the past medical histories and goes deep into everything to get to the root of it. The surgery was a success and we’re still treating her (regular follow-ups) under him. He always kept in touch with us. He didn’t mind us calling or texting him in between his schedule, he instead insisted we ping him if we had any queries. I would wish all of you great luck ahead.

Aslam Shaikh

Best team of doctors available in Mumbai, I had GI Cancer surgery which was successfully done by Dr. Praveen Kammar from this Consultation clinic.

No other doctor was guaranteeing a success rate as good as Dr Praveen. And he did what he said. The surgery was done in mid 2019 with subsidiary Chemotherapy. And I’m back to normal and more healthy than before.

Very professional and Effective Team of doctors for cancer patients. Must visit once for consulting for cancer treatment.

Meena Doshi

Dr Praveen sir is v good perfect diagnostic person with v soft attitude and v cooperative person I personally advice to go under his treatment and safe your life under his guidance I have personal experience so I am advicing to do treatment by him

Evelyn Vaz

My uncle was treated under Dr Praveen. In my opinion a great doctor is one who is good at what he does and also a doctor that makes you stay positive and emotionally strong. Dr Praveen did just that – a great surgeon and he also made himself available whenever needed. Did not hesitate to share his number so you can contact him directly. Very patiently answered all questions and explained the process in detail. thanks for a successful surgery and being a great doctor. Definitely recommend Dr Praveen.

Jitendra Hingu

I am very thankful to Dr. Praveen Kammar who treated very well my Father’s illness. Dr.Praveen clear our all query & doubts before & after treatment & also gave very clear guidance about treatment. For surgical oncology & opinion I highly recommend.


Dr. Praveen Kammar is an amazing doctor, a life saver and a wonderful human being. A doctor who knows and does his job well. I can’t thank him enough for saving my father’s life. God Bless him.

Ambar Patwardhan

Dr Praveen Kammar is a very nice doctor. I’ve consulted him. He explained the entire process of surgery very nicely & did my lymph node removal surgery. Also he is ready to plan the surgery as per my convenience & time. Would highly recommend him.

Nehal Thakar

Dr.Praveen kammar is a great doctor.. he’s very understanding and listen to our concerns.He takes Time with the patient to help their health issues…! I highly recommend him to anyone for a specialist.

Anil Kumar

My personal experience with Dr. Praveen s kammar. His behave with patient and attendent very polide and he also consult with patient online. He gave best opinion to patient according to his knowledge and patients medical reports.

jitendra walia

Dr Praveen . Thank you very much for your treatment, I was very afraid as well as upset before coming to you. After meeting you and you explaining me all about my disease and my treatment i was very much satisfied. You had given me a such good support, post my operation that has given me a confidence to again start my work. I once again thank you for everything and your valuable time. God bless you always.