Conferences & Meetings



Event :   ACRSICON 2022

               Organised by Association of Colo- Rectal Surgeons of India and Pink City Surgeons association.

Venue: Jaipur

Role : Invited Speaker

          Presentation of original work

ASCRICON 2022 Jaipur was a rocking event. The event had a separate oncology section which was studded with insightful programs – talks, panel discussions, debates and lots of video presentations.

It was also, sort of , a reunion of colorectal unit of Tata Memorial Centre, which I am proud to be a part of.  I am grateful to my teacher and guide Prof. Saklani, who played an important part in the conference, for his guidance in my career progress. Under Dr. Saklani and Dr. Ashwin the colorectal unit in TMH is doing ground breaking work.

It was an honour for me to present some of my work and original data from TMH in the conference.

Invited Talk: HIPEC in Pseudomyxoma Peritonei

Paper presented: Poorly responding rectal cancers that remain CRM positive after neoadjuvant treatment: Factors affecting outcomes

Videos presented:

  1. Extended TME for rectal cancer
  2. Laparoscopic synchronous anterior resection and distal gastrectomy
ASCRICON 2022 Jaipur event
ASCRICON 2022 Jaipur event - Session Topic

July 2022


Occasion: Opening of our 6th center – Speciality Surgical Oncology(SSO) Clinic, in Vashi

Venue: Vashi, Mumbai

June 2022


Event: Best of ASCO 2022

Organized by : MOC – Mumbai Onco Care

Date : June 2022

Role : Invited Faculty

ASCO ( American Society of Clinical Oncology) conference always showcases ground breaking research work from all over the world that can change clinical practise.

Hence best of ASCO in India.

I thank team MOC for the invite to participate.

Such events help us get deeper insights into several unanswered questions in cancer management. It also shows which way the cancer research is heading.

May 2022


Event : CME

Organized by : Malad Medical Association

Venue : Malad

Date : May 2022

Role : Speaker – Current advances in cancer surgery

January 2021

Occasion: Opening of our first centre – Specialty Surgical Oncology Hospital and Research Centre, in Ghatkopar

Venue: Ghatkopar, Mumbai

December 2020


Type :  Oncosurg 2020
Venue : Webinar, Mumbai

Due to the pandemic this time Tata Memorial Centre had to switch to online mode for conducting ” ONCOSURG”. ONCOSURG has gained a huge reputation in the country as single most comprehensive live surgical oncology workshop. Skilled surgeons who have mastered the craft and surgeons who have pioneered surgical techniques, from Tata and beyond, demonstrate complex oncological surgeries in ONCOSURG.

However , this time only prerecorded and edited videos were shown. Neverthless, the discussion was still exciting and enriching just like it always was.

I was happy to be on the panel to discuss the finer points of colorectal cancer surgeries.

September 2020


Type :  Awareness Talk – Facebook Live – Minimal Access Surgery in Cancer
Venue : Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital , Mumbai

08 March 2020



Type : CME
Venue : Goregaon

Spreading awareness about peritoneal malignancy and the options available…Cytoreductive Surgery, HIPEC, PIPAC at a CME hosted by Dr Sameeksha Dubey and SRV Hospital for general practitioners.

01 March 2020

2nd Update on Cancer care in Urban India- ‘Expanding Horizons in Cancer Care’, 2020 ,Andheri


Type : Panel discussion, Conference
Venue : Andheri, Mumbai

18 Feb 2020

Annual Update in Peritoneal Surface Oncology


Venue : Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai
Date : Feb 2020

Under the aegis of Society of Peritoneal Surface Oncology of India the Annual Update in Peritoneal Surface Oncology was held in amchi Mumbai, in Feb 2020.

The program had international faculties from all over the world , including Prof. Sugarbaker ( USA),
Prof Yonemura (Japan) , Prof Glehen ( France) , Prof Quenet ( France) , Dr Alyami( Saudi Arabia) , Dr Simon ( Netherlands).

Annual Update in Periotneal Surface Oncology , held in Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai. ( Feb 2020)

Raising questions in the interactive sessions.

Poster presentations. Our team presented three scientific posters in the conference and one of them also won best poster prize.

Organizing team with international facult

Annual Update in Periotneal Surface Oncology , held in Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai. ( Feb 2020)

Received best poster prize for the “ Naturak killer cells in Ovarian Cancer” from Prof. Yonemura

Moderating a session on “ difficult case scenarios in Ovarian cancer”

12 Feb 2020

Breast cancer awareness program organized by SRV Hospital, Goregaon.


Type : Awareness Program

I had gone with minimal expectations to give a health talk on Breast cancer awareness on the occasion of women’s day celebration…but..was pleasantly surprised by the turnout…and they did ask lot of questions…

22 Dec 2019

Presentation on “Minimal Access Surgery in GI cancers”


Type : CME organized by Malad Medical Association

Venue : Malad

08 Dec 2019

6th Innovations in Oncology


Type : Panel Discussion on Stage 3 lung cancer

Role : Panelist

Venue : Bombay Hospital, Mumbai

Moderated a live demonstration of ” TaTME” by Prof Takemasa, in Tata Memorial Centre.

Superb demonstration of a unique technique for rectal resection that comes in handy for large tumors in narrow pelvis.

16 Feb 2019

Annual Update in Peritoneal Surface Malignancies


Type : Conference

Date : Feb 2019

Venue : Chennai Under the leadership of Prof Ramakrishan, the annual update in PSM was held successfully in Chennai.

Moderating a session on “Case studies in Ovarian cancer”

25 Dec 2015

Second international symposium on colorectal diseases, Thailand


Type : Conference

Role : Speaker

Venue : Phuket, Thailand

Oral presentation on our experience at Tata Memorial Center with daVinci Ci robotic surgery system in colorectal cancer surgery. Tata Memorial center was the first center in India to install daVinci Xi system. I was fortunate to work with Dr Saklani and Dr de’Souza in Colorectal Services in the same period.