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Alcohol causes cancer ?


Dr Praveen Kammar

Dr. Praveen Kammar

MS, MRCS, MCH Consultant Surgical Oncologist

Does alcohol cause stomach cancer?

In today’s lifestyle, people deal with physical, mental & financial stress. Alcohol has become an easy way to get temporary relief to deal with this excess stress. When you consume alcohol, it reacts with enzymes in your stomach and changes into various different components & chemicals. These chemicals directly affect the inner layers of the stomach which create a dangerous effect on the body.

Research has shown that heavy consumption of alcohol causes stomach cancer. Scientifically, • 1 drink = 350ml Beer or 45ml of 40% hard liquor

No scientific evidence suggests that moderate alcohol consumption causes stomach cancer but it is often seen that alcoholism is connected with smoking & bad food habits which combined together definitely increase the risk of having stomach cancer.

Alcohol consumption leads to oral cancer, liver cancer, neck cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. which definitely means drinking is dangerous to your health.



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