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Dr. Praveen Kammar

MCh | MS | MBBS ( 13+ Years of Experience )

GI-Colorectal Surgery | Laparoscopic | Robotic Colorectal Surgery Consultant

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    Why Choose Dr. Praveen

    Dr. Praveen Kammar is a renowned surgical oncologist practising in Mumbai. He has 13+ years of experience in General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Onco Surgery, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, and Robotic Surgery.


    Patients Treated

    13+ Years

    Years of experience


    Procedures Performed

    Surgeries Performed

    Here are the different types of cancer surgeries that we provide:

    Sphincter Saving Surgeries In Rectal Cancer

    • Ultra low anterior resection
    • Intersphincteric resection
    • TEMS- Trans-anal Endoscopic Microsurgery
    • TAMIS-Trans Anal Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Cancer Surgeries Using Laparoscopy And Robotic Surgery

    • Esophagus cancer
    • Stomach cancer
    • Colon cancer
    • Rectal cancer
    • Kidney tumor
    • Endometrial cancer
    • Cervical cancer
    • Mediastinal tumors
    Fig 04. Single Small Peritoneal Deposit In Pelvic Peritoneum From Gastric Cancer

    Cytoreductive Surgery And Hipec

    • Ovarian cancer
    • Appendicular cancers
    • Psuedomyxoma peritoenii
    • Colroectal cancers
    • Stomach cancer
    • Primary peritoneal cancer
    • Endometrial cancer
    • Peritoneal mesothelioma

    Digestive System Cancer

    • Cancer of the esophagus
    • Cancer of the stomach
    • Cancer of the colon
    • Cancer of the rectum
    • Cancer of the pancreas
    • Cancer of the biliary tree
    • Cancer of the liver
    • Cancer of gall bladder

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    Dr. Praveen Kammar

    Colo-Rectal Surgeon | MBBS | MS | MCh Surgical Oncology

    With over 13+ years of experience in Oncology, Dr. Praveen Kammar is one of the top and most renowned Oncologist in Mumbai.

    He got his fellowship in GI –colorectal surgery ( Ethicon sponsored) from Tata memorial centre, where he was trained in robotic, laparoscopic colorectal surgery, cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC for colorectal cancer, transanal surgeries for small rectal cancers under Prof Avanish Saklani.

    He received further training in peritoneal malignancies, cytoreductive surgery, HIPEC and PIPAC to deal with ovarian cancer, mesotheliomas, primary peritoneal malignancies with Dr Sanket Mehta in Saifee Hospital, Mumbai.

    He also holds a fellowship in Colorectal surgery from Yopnsei cancer centre, Seoul, South Korea.

    Dr. Praveen Kammar

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    International Career Development Scholarship
    (Awarded in 2021)

    Dr. Praveen has been awarded “International Career Development Scholarship” from American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons for the year 2021.

    As a part of the Scholarship, he will be travelling to San Diego, USA to attend the annual meeting of from American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons ( ASCRS) to be held in April 2021.

    Visiting 2-3 colorectal units of excellence in USA to further his knowledge and skills in treating colorectal diseases


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    An ovary is located on each side of the uterus and stores eggs. It is also responsible for producing female hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Ovarian cancer is a disease where ovaries are affected by cancerous cells. These cancerous cells can be found inside or on the outer layers of the ovaries.

    Ovarian cancer affects the health of healthy women between the age group of 35-74. Out of 78 women, one will develop ovarian cancer during her lifetime.

    There are no symptoms of ovarian cancer which makes it challenging to do the testing in the early stages of cancer. The timely detection of cancerous cells helps the patient to get the required medical attention on time. Delayed detection of cancer, i.e. at or after stage III, affects the survival rate, which is seen to be at 28% in advanced stages of ovarian cancer.

    The nature of ovarian cancer is different for different women, and hence it is challenging to provide a general prognosis.

    The symptoms may vary depending on the age of the patient, but the general sign and symptoms are:

    • Frequent urination
    • Abdominal bloating
    • Weight loss
    • Feeling full after small meals
    • Constipation
    • Pain or discomfort in the pelvic area

    You need to be watchful towards these symptoms. If you feel any discomfort, you may consider consulting with Dr Praveen Kammar, one of the top oncologists in India. Dr Kammar can help you get the best ovarian cancer treatment in India.

    The stages of your ovarian cancer help the medical care provider make a treatment plan for your disease. It provides them with a better understanding of the aggressiveness of your cancer and its spread.

    The four stages of ovarian cancer are:

    Stage I

    The cancer is still in the ovaries and has not spread beyond it. Stage 1 has three sub-stages: Stage 1A, 1B and 1C. Stage 1A means cancer has affected one ovary, while in stage 1B, it has spread to both the ovaries.

    Stage 1C means that the cancerous cells are found on the outside of the ovary along with the ovaries.

    Stage II

    In stage 2, cancer has spread within the pelvis. It has two sub-stages, 2A and 2B. In stage 2A, along with the ovaries, the cancerous cells have spread to the fallopian tubes, uterus, or both. In stage 2B, cancer spreads to other body organs like the bladder, rectum, and sigmoid colon.


    The cancerous cells are found in the ovaries and the abdominal lining. Cancer may have spread to the lymph nodes in the abdomen. There are two sub-stages. In stage 3A, the cancerous cells are found in the lymph nodes of the abdominal lining and the other pelvic organs.

    In stage 3B, cancer spreads to other organs within the pelvis. The malign cells can be found outside of the liver or spleen. Stage 3C means cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, or large cancerous cells are detected outside the spleen or the liver.

    Stage IV

    It is the most advanced stage of cancer. In stage 4, cancer spreads to other distant organs of the body. It has two sub-stages as well. In stage 4A, cancer is present in the fluid around the lungs, while in 4B, cancer cells hamper other body organs like the brain, skin, and lungs.

    As the stages of ovarian cancer progress inside a body, it becomes difficult to cure it completely. The cancerous cells affect the well-being of a healthy person and deteriorate their health.

    Timely and accurate consultation with expert medical care providers become critical in the case of cancer. If you need cancer treatment, you can consider getting an appointment with Dr Praveen Kammar, widely recognised as an oncologist, to diagnose ovarian cancer and the best treatment in India.

    The following factors can increase your risk of ovarian cancer:

    • Family history of ovarian cancer
    • Obesity
    • Endometriosis
    • Genetic mutation of BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes
    • Personal history of breast, uterine, or colon cancer
    • Use of fertility drugs
    • No pregnancy history

    The above factors make a woman highly susceptible to ovarian cancer. But it does not mean that having these risk factors will lead to ovarian cancer. Age is also an essential contributor to this medical condition which usually develops after menopause.

    The ovarian cancer treatment depends on the stage of cancer, the patient’s health conditions, and the affordability of the treatment.

    Here are some of the options:

    • Chemotherapy: It aims to kill cancer cells by the use of the drug. The drugs can be injected, or the patient can take them orally. Chemotherapy has a severe impact on the overall health of the person. It affects the whole body. There is another kind of chemotherapy treatment known as intraperitoneal chemotherapy. In this, a tube is used to deliver the drug directly to the affected area.
    • Surgery: In this option, the lymph nodes and ovaries are removed using surgical procedures. The ovarian cancer surgery cost in India depends on the hospital you are visiting and your disease’s severity.
    • Radiation therapy: In this technique, X-rays are used to kill cancer cells. It is helpful in advanced stages of cancer. The radioactive liquid is introduced in the peritoneum.
    • Targeted therapy: In this technique, the cells that promote cancer are targeted and destroyed. It limits the adverse effects of the treatment on the whole body by targeting only specific cells. An example of target therapy is monoclonal antibody therapy.
    • Immunotherapy: The therapy aims to boost the body’s immunity and improve its capability to fight cancerous cells. The substances are injected into the body that fights the cancer cells and is helpful for women with advanced ovarian cancer.

    If you are a patient of ovarian cancer, you can consider undergoing one of these treatments after consultation with your doctor. The treatment of ovarian cancer is expensive and depends on the grade and spread of your cancer. The ovarian cancer treatment cost in India also depends on the location and the fees of the medical care expert. If you notice any unusual symptom, you can try to get an appointment with Dr Praveen Kammar, one of the best oncologists.