In the battle against cancer, I wield hope and healing, one surgery at a time.

– Dr. Praveen Kammar, MRCS, M.Ch (Onco)

(One of the renowned GI & Gynec cancer surgeon in Mumbai)

Dr. Praveen Kammar

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Why Dr. Praveen Kammar

A Surgical Oncologist Practicing In The City Of Mumbai

  • Experience of a decade in treating cancer
  • Expertise in Laparoscopic cancer surgery, Robotic cancer surgery
  • Expertise in Digestive System Cancers, Colorectal cancers , Peritoneal cancers, advanced abdominal cancers
  • Expertise in Cytoreductive Surgery, HIPEC, PIPAC
  • Expertise in  Gynecologic Cancers
  • Affiliated to all major hospitals in Mumbai
  • Consultations at a center near you
  • Excellent support staff to help you during treatment
  • Home care services
  • 360 degree care

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Patient Case Studies

” Here, Dr. Praveen shares insights into unique, complex, and challenging cases that he
has treated.”

Carotid Knuckle: a Potential Hazard During Neck Dissection

75 year old gentleman with cancer of the tongue presented in the OPD for surgical opinion. The tumor was on the left border of the tongue close to the molar teeth.

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Complex Hydatid Cyst in a Differently Abled Lady: Managing the Perioperative and Surgical Challenges

53-year-old lady was referred to me for evaluation of a liver mass. The preliminary sonography had raised suspicion of a large hydatid cyst.

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International Career Development Scholarship

Dr. Praveen has been awarded the “ International Career development scholarship” from the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons for the year 2021.

As a part of the Scholarship, he will be

  • Travelling to San Diego, USA to attend the annual meeting of from American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons ( ASCRS) to be held in April 2021.
  • Visiting 2-3 colorectal units of excellence in USA to further his knowledge and skills in treating colorectal diseases.


Patient Reviews

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Deepak Panchal


Patient Age

Colon Cancer 🡪

Undergone Treatment

He’s a very good doctor. And has experience in cancer surgery. I’ve consulted him and he’s done a colon cancer surgery – laparoscopic right colon removal. Would highly recommend Dr Praveen Kammar for surgeries.

Sanal Pillai


Patient Age

Cancer Treatment 🡪

Undergone Treatment

Dr. Praveen Kammar is one of the best oncologists in Mumbai, I highly recommend him; one of the best cancer surgeons around.

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